Madrigal Records

Madrigal Records offers musicians professional mastering services for singles & albums at an affordable price point. Our aim is to share a viable alternative to paying hundreds for a mastering session.

Peoples Equity Group

Peoples Equity Group streamlines the Due Diligence process, presenting only companies that have been third-party audited. It grants its investors clear insights into asset data and offer unprecedented liquidity opportunities.

Voice Artist Digital

Find voices to motivate & Change, Learn why top directors, advertisers and educators run to voice-over for casting, translation, Multimedia synchronization, Video Localization and audio production services.

Third Eye Crystal

Third Eye Crystal is a collection of jewelry, sculptures and home decor comprised of natural minerals/crystals, geodes, fossils, and a touch and handmade artisanship. Our store offers items that we believe help us attune to a higher vibrational state.

King Consulting Services

King Consulting Solutions (KCS) specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing and recruiting services tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical, medtech and medical device companies.

Elysian Art

Art is more than just a visual representation and has the power to connect people, break down barriers, and inspire change. Our core tenet is collaboration, and we work closely with artists from all over the world to bring our vision to life.

Gate House Agency

A full-service partner in Content Creation, Social Growth, Media Management, Design, Digital ads, and more. It implements a strategic and customized marketing plan optimized to convert leads, engage customers, and skyrocket success for your business.