How to Get Good Leads in Real Estate

How to Get Good Leads in Real Estate

In the competitive real estate industry, having a consistent flow of quality leads is essential for agents to generate more sales and grow their business. With more options available, home buyers and sellers discriminate when selecting an agent, sometimes challenging lead generation. However, real estate agents can effectively attract their ideal prospects by taking a multi-pronged approach across both digital and traditional channels. This comprehensive guide will explore proven tactics for getting good leads in real estate.

Let’s have a look at these tactics: 

Optimize Your Website

Your website serves as the digital hub that should streamline the process for prospects to contact you. Make sure it conveys your brand, listings, and value. Here are key website tips to generate more inquiries:

– Showcase listings through vivid photography, video tours, and enticing descriptions.

– Highlight accomplishments, testimonials, and detailed bio sections to build credibility. 

– Ensure site pages load quickly, site design is attractive, and navigation is intuitive.

– Prominently display calls-to-action so visitors can quickly call, email, or schedule appointments. 

– Integrate lead capture forms on every page to collect prospect contact info.

– Incorporate live chat or scheduling assistant features for instant connections.

– Create dedicated landing pages optimized for keywords home buyers search like “Sarasota homes for sale.”

– Add a blog to share market updates, local insights, and real estate tips to engage visitors.

– Install tracking like Google Analytics to monitor traffic sources and optimize accordingly.

You can convert more visitors into leads when your website delivers an excellent user experience. Just 10-15 seconds is all it takes for people to decide your credibility – so your website must convey expertise at first glance.

Leverage Social Media:

Over 70% of home buyers use social media during their search. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn allow you to:

– Share listing previews to generate interest and leads.

– Run targeted paid ads to your ideal demographics locally. 

– Post real estate tips and market insights to demonstrate knowledge. 

– Go live or share behind-the-scenes videos to build relationships.

– Participate in local community groups and discussions.

– Run lead-generating contests and promotions like free home valuations.

– Cross-promote new listings, open houses, and other updates posted on your website. 

The key is consistency. Post daily, if possible, and test what content best engages your followers. Utilize each platform’s advertising tools to amplify your reach and visibility further.

Network Locally:

While digital efforts are essential, connecting locally establishes you as an approachable real estate expert. Here are impactful ways to network in your community:

– Host or sponsor local events that double as public exposure for your brand.

– Attend home and trade shows to connect with prospective buyers and sellers. 

– Join local professional organizations and chambers of commerce. Introduce yourself and exchange business cards with other attendees at mixers and events. 

– Partner with complementary service providers like loan officers, contractors, stagers, etc. to share referrals. 

– Present seminars on real estate topics at local schools, libraries, and community centers. 

– Send handwritten thank you notes, holiday cards or local updates to stay top of mind with your sphere of influence. 

– Ask satisfied clients for introductions and referrals within their networks.

Agents can build lasting relationships that drive ongoing referrals and new business by consistently networking.

Paid Advertising:

Complement your organic marketing initiatives with paid advertising to scale lead generation. Here are worthwhile options to consider:

– Geo-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads focused on getting home buyers and sellers in your local market to fill out lead gen forms or contact your business directly.

– Google Ads text and display ads targeted locally by keywords and demographics.

– Retargeting ads that follow your website visitors as they browse other sites, reminding them to contact your business.

– Direct mail postcards sent to targeted neighborhoods or demographics promoting listings and/or your services

– Local radio, podcast, TV, or billboard ads raising awareness of your brand and offerings.

Though paid strategies require upfront investment, the sheer amount of additional exposure and connections they facilitate make them well worth it. Focus on optimizing conversions from your ads by linking to dedicated landing pages on your website tailored to each promotion. 

Create Engaging Content:

Consistently providing value builds trust and authority with prospects so they turn to you first when ready to make a move. Valuable content ideas include:

– Blog posts on moving tips, home decor, DIY projects, real estate terms, etc. 

– Detailed neighborhood or city guides.

– Market forecasts focused on local housing trends.

– Email newsletters listing spotlights, area activities, school information, and more.

– YouTube channel tour videos and vlogs documenting the home buying/selling process. 

– Free downloadable resources like eBooks, comparison spreadsheets, checklists, and cheat sheets.

– Q&A videos responding to common real estate FAQs. 

Offer this content freely on your website and promote it through other channels to demonstrate your expertise. The more helpful information you provide, the more prospects will come to know, like, and trust you.

Promote Your Brand Consistently:

 The most influential real estate agents consistently promote their services, listings, and expertise across digital and traditional channels. Here are some promotional tactics to incorporate:

– Branded email signatures with links to your website in all messages.

– Printed notepads, pens, magnets, and other swag.

– Sponsoring community events or teams. 

– Real estate yard signs with attractive designs that stand out.

– News and radio interviews to share your industry knowledge.

– Open house banners displayed outside listings.

– Branded real estate portal profiles that link to your website

– Eye-catching direct mail postcards sent to targeted neighborhoods.

The more touchpoints where potential clients see and engage with your brand, the more likely they will contact you when ready to move.

Follow Up and Nurture Leads:

Once you generate leads, you must continuously nurture them toward becoming clients.

– Follow up quickly with every lead submission via email or phone.

– Send listing recommendations or other real estate content relevant to their needs. 

– Segment leads based on interest level and update top prospects through automated email sequences. 

– Remind leads of new listings as they hit the market in case it is a fit.

– Request contact info for an initial meeting to begin building the relationship.

– Add promising leads as a friend/followers on social media to further engage.

– Check-in periodically even if the prospect is not ready to buy/sell yet.

By providing prospect-focused communication, you remain top of mind so they will contact you when ready or refer you to others. Consistent and helpful follow-up is critical to converting more leads.


Lead generation should be a primary focus for real estate agents looking to boost their sales. By optimizing their website, engaging on social platforms, networking locally, running paid ads, creating content, promoting their brand, and nurturing leads, agents can establish a steady flow of prospects across multiple channels. Testing different strategies, adequate follow-up, and relationship-building results in more closed transactions. Though it requires effort, consistent lead generation delivers significant ROI in the long run.

Want Customized Help Generating Qualified Leads?

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