Real Estate Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

Video marketing has become essential for real estate agents and brokers to promote their listings and services. With the rise of video platforms like YouTube and social media, video content allows real estate professionals to showcase properties in a dynamic visual medium and connect with modern homebuyers. Real estate videos can increase engagement, conversions, and brand visibility when done right. Here are some best practices, ideas, and tools for effectively using video in your real estate marketing:

Use Video Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs showcasing home interiors and property features are valuable for real estate marketing. They allow potential buyers to look inside a property without visiting in person.

When filming walkthroughs, capture wide shots to give a view of the space and close-ups of important details like fixtures, finishes, and amenities. Add conversational narration to provide context. Ensure lighting is bright and natural. Get different exterior and interior angles to show the full scope of the property.

Keep videos 2-3 minutes long and break up into separate videos for each room or area. Upload and share on YouTube, social media, email marketing, and your website.

Create Neighborhood and Community Videos

In addition to the home itself, homebuyers care about the surrounding community and amenities. Creating videos about the neighborhood, local parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and more provides an immersive look at the lifestyle offered.

Drive around the neighborhood and film parks, walking trails, clubhouses, recreational centers, and other public spaces. Mention distances to key locations like schools, grocery stores, and downtown areas. Showcase favorite retail stores and eateries. Talk about notable attractions or annual events.

These “area tours” display the neighborhood personality beyond just the real estate listing, giving buyers a better sense of the community.

Share Agent Profile Videos

An agent profile video is a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential clients personally. Showcase your expertise, passion, and enthusiasm for the work you do.

Film short 30-to 60-second videos introducing yourself, your background, specialties, and experience in the industry. Explain why you love working in real estate in your community. Share details on your process of helping buyers find homes or seller’s market properties.

These videos help establish knowing, liking and trust with leads. Post them prominently on your website, YouTube channel, and social media profiles. Send to prospects as a video email or text.

Create Video Testimonials and Reviews

Positive video testimonials from past clients add tremendous credibility to your real estate business. Glowing reviews in an authentic video format can help convince buyers and sellers to work with you.

After closing a deal, follow up with clients, asking if they’d be willing to record a quick iPhone testimonial.

Then, share it on your website or in other marketing materials. If needed, offer an incentive like a gift card for their time.

The videos don’t need high production quality. The raw, genuine reactions from satisfied customers are what matter most.

Highlight Home Staging Virtually

Home staging is proven to help houses sell quicker and for higher prices. However, traditional in-person staging is limited to only in-person showings.

You can showcase staged homes to a wider virtual audience through video walkthroughs. Your videos will display the full impact of great staging. And buyers will have an easier time visualizing the house as their future home.

Work with your stagers to ensure furniture, decor, and accents are photogenic. Use lighting, camera movement, and narration to highlight important details.

Consider Before & After Videos

Has the home recently undergone a full remodel or renovation? Creating a video showing the “before and after” can highlight the dramatic improvements made to the property.

Use photos or footage of the home pre-renovation and contrast them with the current video of the finished home. This pairs well with a video testimonial from the satisfied sellers explaining their experience with the remodel.

Share via your YouTube channel, social posts, and email campaigns. The before and after comparison tells a compelling story.

Promote Open Houses on Video

Open houses are a prime opportunity to showcase homes. But they are limited to only those able to attend in person.

Rather than hope people show up, proactively promote your open house through video. Share a home walkthrough with the date, time, and registration details.

Post the videos across your marketing channels in advance to generate interest and awareness. Retarget the videos as ads to local homebuyers in the area. The further reach of the video will amplify your open house attendance.

Conduct Facebook and Instagram Live Open Houses

Take your open houses virtual by broadcasting live video walkthroughs on Facebook or Instagram. This expands your reach beyond only local attendees.

As you walk through the home, comment on key features and take questions from viewers in real time. This interactive experience offers added excitement versus pre-recorded video.

Make sure to mention the listing price, open house date, contact info, and other essential details. The live open house also gives a sense of urgency to take action.

Go Behind the Scenes of Photo Shoots

Show homebuyers and sellers what goes on while marketing a property. Film video of the process during photography shoots and 3D scans.

Capture the photographer’s positioning and adjusting lights. Show the scanning equipment used to create immersive 3D tours. Include some funny bloopers or challenges that come up.

This behind-the-scenes look engages viewers in an entertaining, authentic way. Post on your YouTube channel or share directly with clients. This reassures them that you go the extra mile to market their home.

Create Educational and Tutorial Videos

Expand your expertise by creating “how-to” style educational videos related to real estate. Provide tips for first-time home buyers on getting pre-approved or finding the right agent. 

Explain processes like making offers or conducting final walkthroughs. Share staging tips to prepare a home for sale.

These informative videos position you as a trusted resource for guiding consumers through real estate transactions. Promote them on YouTube, your website, and social media to attract more leads.

Stay Up to Date on Trends

While these strategies provide a great starting point, real estate video marketing requires staying current on the latest trends and tools. Continue evaluating cutting-edge video platforms, and creativity approaches to integrate them into your marketing.

Excellent video content and a solid distribution strategy will help any real estate agent or broker build their brand, increase qualified leads, and ultimately sell more homes. Just remember – always focus on value for the consumer above all else. With this mentality, video can become invaluable to your overall marketing mix.

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