Search Engine Optimization Leads

Boost Your Sales Funnel with Search Engine Optimization Leads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective strategies for generating quality leads online. Search Engine Optimization leads find your website via organic Google or Bing search results and tend to convert at much higher rates than other lead sources. If you can get your website to rank high in search engines for your target keywords, you can tap into a vast source of relevant traffic and leads. Optimizing your website for SEO and focusing on lead generation can significantly boost your sales funnel. In this post, I’ll explain how to leverage SEO to fill your sales pipeline and fuel business growth.

Optimize Website Content for Informative, Keyword-Rich Articles 

Creating high-quality, informative content optimized for keywords is the foundation of ranking highly in search engines. You need to tailor your content strategy directly around topics and questions your ideal customers are searching for.

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify topics and long-tail keyword phrases with good search volume and low competition. This will reveal the types of information people seek when searching for solutions related to your business.

Once you pinpoint the primary keywords and topics to target, focus on producing in-depth articles, guides, ebooks, and other content assets that directly address these search queries. Seamlessly integrate the keywords into content to make it discoverable.

For example, a CRM software company could create long-form guides like:
– “How to Choose the Best CRM Platform for Your Business in 5 Steps”
– “Comparing the Top 5 CRM Software Systems for Small Businesses”
– “10 Tips for Getting Employees to Adopt New CRM Software”

Each piece of content should dig deep to provide value around a specific theme, keyword, or buyer question. Answer common pain points, frustrations, and needs of your audience. Educate readers on making optimal choices and overcoming challenges.

In addition to articles and guides, other great content formats include:
– Comparison posts of top products/services in your niche
– Step-by-step tutorials for using your product or implementing relevant tactics
– Case studies and interviews demonstrating results
– Research data, surveys, and reports related to your industry
– Podcasts, videos, and webinars discussing key issues for your buyers

The content itself should focus first on delivering value rather than heavy promotion. Build trust and credibility by establishing your company as a helpful authority. Provide actionable advice and solutions. This content marketing strategy will attract more qualified organic traffic over time.

Creating remarkable informational content also has the benefit of garnering backlinks and improving search engine rankings. Other sites will reference and link back to handy resources. So focus on high-quality content that addresses search intent rather than thin content to rank keywords.

Promote Landing Pages for Lead Generation

Once you’ve created informative content built around target keywords, the next step is developing dedicated landing pages to convert visitors into leads.

These landing pages should have one conversion goal: getting visitors to sign up for a free trial, request a demo, download an ebook, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. Essentially, you want visitors to take a direct action that benefits your business.

To encourage conversions, include lead generation offers and incentives on landing pages like:

  • Free trials of your software/service
  • Discount coupons or promo codes
  • Complimentary consultations
  • Free downloads of tools, templates, guides
  • Access to locked content or members-only resources

Ensure your primary call-to-action and value proposition are obvious on each landing page. For example, use action-driven language like “Start Your Free 30-Day Trial” or “Get My Custom Portfolio Analysis” with a prominent button for visitors to click.

Visually highlight the call-to-action through design elements like contrasting colors, borders, animation, etc. Remove unnecessary distractions to keep focus on your conversion goal.

On-page SEO also plays a key role in optimizing landing pages:

– Incorporate target keywords in meta titles, headers, subheaders, and page content where relevant.

– Use keyword-rich URLs like “”

– Include related keywords in image file names and alt text.

– Optimize page load speed and technical elements for search engines.

With well-designed, high-converting landing pages, you can turn website visitors into leads ready for your sales funnel. Promote your landing pages through various marketing campaigns and channels beyond SEO, like paid ads and email marketing.

Continuously test and improve page elements – headlines, copy, form fields, offers, etc. – to increase conversion rates over time. Landing pages are crucial for capturing and nurturing SEO leads.

Nurture Search Engine Optimization Leads Through Marketing Automation

When you generate an SEO lead, the relationship shouldn’t end there. Marketing automation allows you to continue nurturing leads with relevant follow-ups at scale.

Set up workflows and sequences to automatically deliver value to leads after they initially convert on your site. For example, you can send:

  • Welcome and onboarding email series to guide new leads
  • Educational content like ebooks, tip sheets, and videos to build expertise
  • Promotional offers like coupons or trials to encourage purchases 
  • Relevant product updates and company news to nurture relationships

    You can create tailored automation paths based on behaviors, segments, and custom fields. Send specific follow-up streams to leads who downloaded a particular resource, attended a webinar, or fit defined criteria.

    Lead scoring models also enable you to determine sales readiness based on engagement and activity. Score leads dynamically based on actions like:

    -Downloading content
    -Visiting key product pages
    -Clicking emails
    -Filling out forms
    -Viewing pricing or demos

    Higher-scored leads can be routed faster into your sales pipeline. Lower-scored leaders may need more nurturing through your automation first.
    Marketing automation provides a more thoughtful, personalized approach to communicating with leads at scale. You can deliver exactly the right message at the right time based on each lead’s journey. 

    This helps you build stronger relationships and convert more leads into long-term customers. Continually optimize your workflows and lead scoring models based on data and performance. Automated nurturing is vital for capitalizing on your investments in SEO lead generation.

Analyze and Refine Your SEO Funnel Continuously

Consistently analyzing your SEO performance is crucial for optimization. You need to monitor a range of metrics to identify what’s working well and uncover areas for improvement.

Track your keyword rankings in search engines to see which pieces of content are gaining traction. Use rank-tracking software to check your top page ranking for target keywords.

Look at overall organic traffic volume – are you seeing steady growth month-to-month? Check Google Analytics to monitor traffic sources and any trends.

Measure the quality and conversion rates of leads from SEO. See which landing pages and offers generate your best leads by quantifying:

  • Lead to customer conversion rate
  • Average deal size
  • Customer lifetime value
  • ROI from SEO leads

This will reveal your optimal funnel path. For example, perhaps your SEO strategies ebook converts visitors well into leads. Or your free trial sign-up page has your highest conversion rate.

Identify any weak points causing drop-offs in your funnel, like high bounce rates on key pages. Run A/B tests on headlines, call-to-action copy, page layouts, and more to improve conversions.

Look for quick wins to optimize as well. For instance, does fixing technical errors like broken links or speeding up load times increase conversions?

Once you uncover what’s working, double down on those areas – produce more content around high-performing keywords and better promote the landing pages driving top leads.

Continual testing, tracking, and analysis are crucial. But this effort pays off tremendously for your business in terms of increased organic traffic, lower cost per lead, and higher sales from SEO.

Turning Search Engine Optimization Leads Into Customers

Driving more visitors to your website through improved SEO is only the first step. You must also optimize your site to convert those high-value leads into customers. Some conversion best practices include

Compelling Headlines – Use catchy, benefit-focused headlines to capture the attention of SEO visitors.

Strategic CTAs – Calls-to-action guide visitors to the next steps, like contacting you, signing up for demos, and downloading a lead magnet.

Prominent Contact Options – Make your contact page, phone number, and live chat widget easy for leads to find.

Lead Capture Forms – Use pop-ups or embedded forms to collect lead information in exchange for gated content.

Email Follow-Up Sequence – Start engaging and nurturing SEO leads through targeted email campaigns.

Retargeting Ads – Remarket to leads who left your site to encourage them to return and convert.


Implementing SEO best practices allows you to rank highly in search results and generate a steady stream of quality leads. You can significantly scale the lead volume and pipeline value with SEO and conversion optimization.

Focus on creating information-rich content, promoting tactical landing pages, and nurturing leads through automation. Analyze and iterate on your SEO funnel to continually improve performance.

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