Top Social Media Marketing Tools

Top Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost Your Strategy in 2023

Social media marketing has become vital for reaching customers and growing brand awareness. But with so many platforms and strategies to manage, marketers need the right tools to streamline their efforts and maximize impact.  This article will look at the 10 most effective social media marketing tools for saving time, managing content, gaining insights, monitoring brand awareness, connecting with followers, and getting results.

1. Hootsuite – The Social Media Management Powerhouse

Hootsuite remains an invaluable tool for social media marketers looking to manage and schedule content across multiple networks from one dashboard. Key features include:

– Post scheduling for future content queues

– Social inbox to monitor messages and comments  

– In-depth analytics for performance insights 

– Social listening to identify brand mentions

– Tailored team workflows and permissions

– Integration with leading social platforms 

The Professional plan unlocks more robust analytics, auto scheduling, extended team seats, and integration with business applications like Salesforce. Hootsuite makes it easier to execute coordinated social strategies at scale.

2. Buffer – Optimizing Social Media Content Sharing 

Buffer provides a user-friendly web and mobile app to easily plan, schedule, and analyze social media posts. Core features include:

– Post queue to set the full content calendar in advance

– Optimal timing recommendations to know when followers are most active

– Share directly from web browser with browser extensions

– Analyze performance data to refine efforts  

– Collaborate with teammates and manage approvals

– Monitor relevant hashtags and keywords

– Integrates with major social networks except TikTok

From individuals to global companies, Buffer simplifies scheduling for consistent social media engagement.

3. BuzzSumo – Uncovering High-Potential Content Ideas

BuzzSumo is an invaluable too for content research and discovery. Marketers can:

– Input keywords to see the most shared content on any topic 

– Identify key influencers sharing content in your industry

– See top performing content types and formats

– Analyze competitors’ social content strategies

– Uncover gaps and opportunities for new content

– Track content performance and engagement over time

These insights help create more shareable social content tailored for your target audience.

4. Canva – Creating Engaging Social Media Visuals 

Canva’s library of templates, fonts, graphics and stock photos make it a go-to platform for creating polished social media graphics, ads, stories, and videos—no design skills required.

– 1000s of professionally designed templates 

– Drag-and-drop layouts for easy customization

– Photo editor to resize, apply filters and effects

– Animated elements and videos

– Integrations with top social platforms

– Team collaboration capabilities

– Free and paid subscriptions options

Creating quality custom visuals for each platform just takes a few clicks.

5. Sendible – A Unified Social Inbox

Sendible acts as a social media command center with features tailored for agencies and teams managing multiple brand profiles. It provides:

– A unified inbox to manage all social messages and comments

– Collaboration tools for team members and clients  

– Post scheduling and publishing 

– In-depth analytics dashboard with custom reporting 

– Monitoring brand mentions across social

– Competitor tracking 

– Integration with leading social platforms

With robust capabilities for enterprise social management, Sendible is a powerful tool for agencies and brands.

6. Sprout Social – Social Media Management and Monitoring

Sprout Social is another robust platform for social media management, analytics, reporting, and monitoring. Capabilities include:

– Comprehensive feeds and inbox to manage social messages 

– CRM-style dashboard to track conversations and interests

– Customizable reports and analytics

– Monitoring brand mentions and hashtags

– Social listening for reviews and audience research

– Competitor tracking 

– Scheduling and publishing tools

– Integration across all major networks

With advanced features tailored for social customer service, Sprout Social helps brands connect more meaningfully at scale. 

7. Agorapulse – Streamlining Social Media Customer Service

Agorapulse specializes in social media customer service and engagement by providing teams a single centralized inbox to manage all social messages and interactions. Core features:

– Unified inbox to see conversations from every social profile  

– Assign conversations to teammates

– Quick reply templates

– Optimize response times

-Resolve questions and issues in one place

– Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

For brands focused on improving social media customer service, Agorapulse makes it easy to handle high volumes of incoming social messages.

8. Hootsuite Impact – Measuring Social ROI

Hootsuite Impact goes beyond standard analytics to help quantify social media’s tangible business value. This includes: 

– Tracking sales driven by social efforts

– Attributing revenue to converted social leads 

– Estimating follower lifetime value

– Calculating campaign ROI

– Optimizing ads with actionable data

– Custom reporting and data exports 

With actionable metrics tied to revenue, Hootsuite Impact is ideal for CMOs and marketers trying to measure social media ROI.

9. Tailwind – Streamlining Pinterest and Instagram Marketing

Tailwind is a leading visual marketing platform for Pinterest and Instagram, designed for SMBs. Useful features include:

– Smart scheduling optimizer for ideal posting times

– Campaigns to promote content across profiles

– Curating content from other accounts 

– In-depth analytics for visual content 

– Identifying popular pin themes

– Integration with Pinterest and Instagram

Tailwind helps businesses develop their visual presence and WOW audiences visually.

10. TikTok Analytics Tools – Tracking Performance on TikTok

Since TikTok’s analytics capabilities are still developing, 3rd party analytics tools help fill the gaps. Options like NapoleonCat and HypeAuditor provide:

– Audience demographics and interests

– Content analysis and hashtag research

– Audience growth and retention metrics

– Engagement Analytics  

– Competitor benchmarking

– Post/video performance insights

These tools provide the data needed to refine your TikTok approach and maximize views.

The Bottom Line: 

The right social media tools enable marketers to streamline their efforts for each platform, save time with automation, gain data-driven insights, and ultimately boost their social presence and strategy. From content planning to execution, analytics to monitoring, these solutions help strengthen performance and impact.

Maximize your social potential in 2023 by utilizing these robust and user-friendly social media marketing tools for expanding reach and engagement. With the help of these resources, you can connect with current and new audiences while growing your brand’s online visibility and authority.

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